14.26 lakh WhatsApp Indian accounts got banned in February 2022; here’s why

New Delhi: WhatsApp banned 14.26 lakh Indian accounts in February due to complaints from users via the complaints channel and through its own mechanism for preventing and detecting violations, according to a monthly report published by the messaging platform.

As many as 335 complaint reports were received and 21 accounts were “fixed” between 1 February and 28 February.

Of the total reports received, 194 concerned appeals, while others were in the categories account support, product support and security, among others.

“We respond to all complaints received except in cases where a complaint is considered a duplicate of a previous ticket. An account is” fixed “when an account is blocked or a previously blocked account is restored, as a result of a complaint,” it was stated in the report published on Friday.

According to the report, 14.26 lakh Indian accounts were banned by WhatsApp in February.

An Indian account is identified via a +91 telephone number.

“This user safety report contains information about user complaints received and similar actions taken by WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp’s own preventive measures to combat abuse on our platform. As captured in the latest monthly report, WhatsApp banned over 1.4 million accounts in February,” he said. WhatsApp spokesperson in an email. Also read: Petrol, diesel prices increase by 80 paise again tomorrow after a day of relief; check latest prices

Over the years, WhatsApp has consistently invested in artificial intelligence and other state-of-the-art technology, computer scientists and experts, and in processes, to keep users safe on the platform, the spokesman added. Also read: After price increases on LPG and CNG, cooking gas becomes expensive; know the latest PNG prices

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