A new report claims the 2023 iPhone will come with a USB-C port

A new report claims that the iPhone 2023 will have a USB-C port

En modifierad Apple iPhone med USB-C-port.  <br />Image Source: geeken / eBay “src =” https://assets.hardwarezone.com/img/2021/11/iphone13-usbc.jpg “style =” height: 507px;  width: 800px “title =” A modified Apple iPhone with USB-C port.  <br />Image source: geeken / eBay “/></p>
<p>A new report claims that the iPhone 2023 will have a USB-C port.</p>
<p>Bloomberg reports that Apple is testing an iPhone design with USB-C, and the change away from the Lightning port is not expected until 2023. In addition, Apple is also working on a Lightning to USB-C adapter.</p>
<p>There are two possible reasons why Apple is considering the switch.  First, MEPs voted overwhelmingly for a bill that would force consumer electronics manufacturers to adopt the USB-C standard.  If the legislation is approved, Apple must comply with EU rules.</p>
<p>Second, USB-C already supports faster data transfer speeds than the Lightning port.  It only makes sense for Apple to bring USB-C to the iPhone to be in line with most iPad and MacBook devices.  This will also help streamline the number and type of chargers used by Apple products.</p>
<p>Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported a few days ago that Apple may use USB-C for the 2023 iPhone.  Kuo says that USB-C will provide faster data transfer and charging speeds to the iPhone.</p>
<p>Source: <a href=Bloomberg

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