‘Abandoned’ developer addresses cancellation rumours and missed payment allegations

Blue Box Game Studios has denied rumors that they are canceling an upcoming horror game Abandoned, while studio founder Hasan Kahraman has raised allegations that a musician was left unpaid for his work on the game.

Yesterday (March 31), Blue Box Game Studios shared a statement on Twitter stating that it has been “bombarded with inquiries and development status questions for Abandoned. ”

Responds to rumors about it Abandoned had canceled, the studio labeled them “fake” but said it had been delayed because the team “underestimated our development roadmap.”

“That is why we have delayed the revelation and release Abandoned: Prologue. We release Abandoned: Prolog when it’s stable, good and clear, “added Blue Box, who offered” sincere apologies “to fans.

The statement was issued after Blue Box Game Studios deleted a number of marketing posts around Abandonedwhich led to speculation that the game had been quietly stopped.

This has also revealed a dispute between musician Christopher Schierbock and Hasan Kahramanfounder of Blue Box Game Studios.

Schierbock claimed that his band, The eyes insidecontacted Kahraman to ask if he would be interested in using one of their tracks for Abandoned. In emails verified by NMEKahraman then requested different versions of the song and later added “we will use the soundtrack in the game and maybe in the teaser” – although it is unclear if this was conditional on the studio agreeing to use the song.

Schierbock says his band “worked like 50-60 hours” to create a song to satisfy Kahraman’s wishes, and gave NME with a copy of the song. After submitting the work, Schierbock claims that Kahraman became difficult to get in touch with, but today (April 1) the couple discussed the matter over a phone call.

Talking with NMEKahraman shared that “I mentioned [to] him that it could be used for the game but after all the song was too dark for the game “, and said that the problems that Schierbock raised were” a result of my own miscommunication. “

“To be clear, he never created music for the game, we [were] just talking about it. But he waited too long for an answer, “Kahraman added.

Since speaking today, Kahraman says he has “offered himself [Schierbock] and his friend a fee ”and an offer for Schierbock to work as a“ graphic designer ” Abandoned. Schierbock has confirmed that he received an offer of work, but said that the fee offered by Kahraman should be paid “when the game is released.”

As early as 2021, Kahraman sat down with NME to explain what players can expect from Abandoned.

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