Adsense Program Policy Rejection

Adsense Program Policy Rejection

Adsense Program Policy
Adsense Program Policy


1.Invalid Clicks
2. Encourage Clicks
3.Content Policy
4.Paid To Click
5.Expired Domain
6.Copyright Content, Copyright Images, Unique Content
7.Number Of Content
8.Quantity Of Content
9.Quality Of Content
10.Redirect Website Links
11.Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms, About, Contact
12.Copyright Images
13. Write Minimum 450 Words Content
14.Content Explanation ( Introduction, Conclusion, Subtitle )
15.Dead Links
16. Don’t Delete Content 
17.Fix 404
19. Check Template Footer Credit Link
20. Check Mobile Friendly ( Use Recent Updated Template )

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  1. தமிழ் பிளாக்கர் தலைப்பு ஆனால் எல்லாமே ஆங்கிலம் தான்


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