After a mixed Season 1, Halo Infinite Season 2 details are coming soon

Season 2 is still scheduled for May

Halo is endless Season 2 details may not come soon enough, and hopefully it will improve compared to the first season of the new shooting game.

As you may remember, season 1 of Halo is endless had problems outside the gate and was slow to adapt in several respects. Some of it has already been fixed, but 343 has work to do when it comes to making future seasons more convincing to play through. A new blog suggests some adjustments that may make it a reality.

Here are all the details about Halo Infinite season 2 we know so far:

  • It will be out in May (target date is May 3) and info coming soon
  • It’s called “Lone Wolves”
  • It will launch new maps, armor and characters
  • There will be an “evolving season story” that includes film

On paper, all this sounds good. I mean, as long as they do not destroy this, the basis of the season ticket system is pretty solid. Given that you can freely go back to old season tickets and finish them on your own time, it is less predators than some other passes that arm FOMO. Not to mention that they did not do so with season 1 events: but again, there is room for improvement in the upcoming Lone Wolves season.

When Forge and co-op enter the fray this year, there is a chance to, as it were, revive the whole Infinite landscape and update all. “Addressing issues that negatively affect the player experience” is allegedly the number one priority for the team, so we’ll see.

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