Andrew Symonds’ death: When Australia legend became alcoholic after Monkeygate

Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds died in a car accident on Saturday night. The cricket world was left in shock by Symond’s sudden death in a car accident. Symonds was considered one of the most powerful battles of its time. Symonds had a cricket career full of controversy, but the biggest of them all was the “Monkeygate scandal” in 2008. In a recent interview, Symonds revealed how his life changed after the Monkeygate incident.

“From that moment on, it was my downhill. I started drinking a lot as a result and my life started to dissolve around me, I felt the pressure and weight of dragging my friends in the cauldron in this sewer that should have never come to this the kind of point where we felt guilty, “Symonds had told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

On India’s infamous tour of Australia 2007-08, Harbhajan was accused of passing a racist slander on Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds. What followed was a difficult time for Harbhajan, who faced a lot of criticism for his behavior on the pitch. In a verbal altercation with Harbhajan, Andrew Symonds accused Harbhajan of using racist slander. Harbhajan has said “Teri Maa Ki” which Symonds heard as “Apa”. The ICC banned Indian spinners after the match but the suspension was lifted when Sachin Tendulkar clarified that it was not a racist statement.

“I handled it the wrong way. I felt guilty for dragging my friends into something I did not think they deserved to be involved in,” Symonds had added.

Symonds was a member of Australia’s World Cup winning team in 2003 and 2007 and appeared in 198 one-day internationals in addition to 26 Tests from 2004 to 2008. He was known for his fierce middle-order strokes and was a perfect runner who could bowl both off-spin and average pace.

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