Apple Will Allow Apps Like Netflix, Spotify To Use Their Own Payment Methods On iPhones: All Details Here

Apple’s App Store fee for developers is a controversial topic. The company was in a protracted legal battle with Fortnite maker Epic Games over the App Store fee. As a result of actions taken by many developers for Apple’s unfair commission on in-app purchases, the company now allows “Reader” apps to link to their own payment methods. Apple typically charges developers between 15 percent and 30 percent in commission on in-app purchases from apps downloaded from the Apple App Store. However, the company has now allowed apps like Netflix and Spotify to link users to their internal payment methods in the iOS apps.

This will follow Apples commitment to allow “Reader” apps to link to their payment gateways on iPhone apps. These are apps where users can directly subscribe to a service. These are apps that provide users with one or more digital content types such as magazines, newspapers, books, audio or video. That means apps like Spotify, Netflixand more people will be able to link to their own websites so that users can pay directly for subscriptions to iOS appar.

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This is not something that is enabled for developers by default. This means that if a developer categorizes their app as a “Reader” app, they will need to fill out a form and submit a request. Apple will then review it and make a decision accordingly. Apple has also posted features that define a “reader”. “app. This includes:

As the primary function of your app, you provide one or more of the following digital content types; magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music or video.

Allow people to log in to an account.

Allow people to access content or services previously purchased outside the app when they are logged in, for example on your website.

Do not offer in-app purchases on iOS or iPadOS when using the external link account entitlement

Do not facilitate real-time, person-to-person services (eg providing tutoring services, medical consultations, real estate tours or fitness training).

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Apple also states that apps that have these features but do not offer subscriptions as part of their primary function will not be eligible for this “External Link Account Entitlement” as Apple calls it.

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