Arjun Bijlani: Fiction shows bring along a lot of excitement and revelation

Actor-anchor Arjun Bijlani is in a phase where he gets to be part of a variety of projects at once

Actor-anchor Arjun Bijlani is in a phase where he can be part of a variety of projects at the same time.

“You can say, I’m everywhere (laughs)! I do my best on different platforms and enjoy exploring all the interesting projects that are on the way. I never thought I could win a stunt-based show that tested me in and out. Then playing the role of the real hero (NSG Commando Major S Unnikrishnan) was really a tough conversation but at the same time it made me absolutely proud to be an actor, he says. Siege permit: 26/11 and Ishq Mei Marjawan actor.”

Speaking of taking work during the peak of the pandemic, Bijlani says, “After the first lockdown, the only thing on my mind was that I had to return to work – how long can you stay home without work? Because we are in such a profession, we can not work from home, except in pieces.So when I got a call to this show in South Africa, I nagged for once because I had to be away from my family and that to top the pandemic, but then I was kab roof aise baaithenge darr ke … bina comb ke … Since then, more work began to happen that gave me a fun mix of things to be a part of. ”

Bijlani is currently seen anchoring a talent show and he is back at OTT.

“I enjoy doing different genres, including reality soaps. It’s my fans who have given me the confidence to be myself on screen while doing reality TV. But somewhere further on I have and I will love being a fictional hero. So, my second OTT excursion was Roohaniyat which is already being streamed. It gave me such an exciting character to portray. This is what I love about fiction – it brings a lot of suspense and revelation. ”

The young actor has a strong Lucknow contact. “Being in this city is so delightful and I am happy to be back after so many years. The food here also attracts me to keep coming back to the city again and again.”

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