Asha Negi: OTT has opened doors for TV actors, it has become easier

Actor Asha Negi says that film actors who receive preferential treatment are understandable because films are their territory.

Asha Negi gets excited when you mention OTT and the projects she has done on the medium so far. It has not only given her more recognition, but in her words “changed the whole game completely” for her.

Baarish 2019 was her web debut, and she followed it up with the Anurag Basu-directed film Ludo, which received her critical acclaim. Then came the third season of the program Abhay 3 with Kunal Kemmu. “We all know how challenging and difficult it is to go from TV to film. It has now become a little easier or open to TV actors, OTT has opened up many opportunities for us actors, ”she says.

She is also quick to add that at OTT you do not get a feeling of being treated less if you do not belong to films. “You do not feel any difference in people’s behavior towards TV actors here, and I think it’s more fun – that you appreciate your work. I remember when I worked at Abhay, it was a very difficult scene, and I got it really good after a few remakes. Kunal came to me and said “it was really good”. There are no movie or TV actors, you just do your work with dedication. If you have talent, it will be appreciated, that’s the best, ”explains the 32-year-old, who is working on another web project right now.

Did Negi ever have to face the hierarchical treatment somewhere, since she came from TV? She says, “Honestly, so far I’ve only worked on programs and films that were intended for OTT. Ludo was a film, but it was directed by Anurag Basu, and dada is like a family. His film productions have a homely environment. As for my other friends who make films, I not only hear it, I know it will represent film actors in front of TV actors. Frankly, we are all okay with that, because films are their home ground and we come and go. “In the beginning it will be like that. But after three or four films, it will be the same for you.”

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