Babil Khan Opens Up About How Sutapa Sikdar Had Sacrificed Her Career for Irrfan Khan

Babil Khan has been quite vocal about his loss ever since his father and one of the country’s most notable actors, Irrfan Khan, passed away in 2020. Through his posts on social media, Babil has shared some intimate details and anecdotes that define his relationship with his father who died of neuroendocrine cancer on April 29, 2020. Now in his first interview, Babil, who will make his acting debut in Qala, told GQ India how his mother Sutapa Sikdar sacrificed his career for Irrfan.

The 23-year-old told GQ India that Sutapa, who is also an actor by profession, sacrificed his career to raise him and his little brother Ayaan, and to ensure that Irrfan’s work continued uninterrupted. Babil added, “And let me tell you, she is a very ambitious woman. It takes a lot to put your ambitions aside for your partner, for your children. It must have killed her to do it and yet she did it. Baba was Baba because Mumma was Mumma. He would not be anything without her. ” Babil said he did not think Sutapa received enough praise for his victim, not even from his deceased husband, and the future actor said that it was only after his illness that Irrfan acknowledged the extent of Sutapa’s contribution to his success.

Babil will soon be seen starring in the upcoming Netflix movie Qala starring Tripti Dimri. Babil talks about how his family handles the loss of Irrfan and told GQ that he, Ayaan and their mother Sutapa are still mourning. Babil added, “Grieving has a negative connotation, but it’s actually a beautiful exercise to celebrate someone’s life. I lived with him. He was my best friend. There was no parade. There are so many questions I have that I wish to I had asked him before. “

In addition to Qala, Babil will also star in The Railway Man which is based on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy from 1984. He also has Shoojit Sircars next in his series of movies.

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