Bhuvan Bam apologises after video draws flak for ‘objectifying, degrading’ women

YouTuber and actor Bhuvan Bam has issued an apology after a new video of him was criticized for objectifying women. Bhuvan had posted the video in question on his YouTube channel last week. It received a lot of buzz on social media and many criticized some of it where Bhuvan seemed to objectify “Pahadan” women – a reference to women from the hilly regions of the country.

The video – titled Automatic Gaadi – has over 12 million views on YouTube. Author Ashish Nautiyal shared a clip from the video where a character played by Bhuvan asks for an automatic car model for a photo shoot. When he calls a “dealer” to ask for a model, the conversation uses double entry to indicate that the “dealer” is someone who trades in women. A special line in the video shows that Bhuvan’s character asks his friend “pahadan chalegi (will a model from hilly areas do that)?” This led many to criticize Bhuvan, including the National Commission for Women (NCW), who tweeted that they had asked Delhi police to file an FIR against the comedian.

On Friday night, Bhuvan went out with an apology on Twitter. In his tweet, where he also tagged NCW, Bhuvan wrote: “I am aware that a section of my video has hurt some people. I have edited it to remove that part. People who know me know that I have the greatest respect for women I did not intend to hurt anyone. A heartfelt apology to all whose feelings have been ignored. ” The four-second part that mentions pahadi women has now been removed from the video.

However, the video available online still has other double jokes about women, something that many critics of the comedian have pointed out. “Bhai (brother) you removed some but how about the other offensive stuff”, read a tweet.

On Wednesday, author and screenwriter Advaita Kala shared a tweet criticizing the video, writing: “This is not humor – it is vulgar misogynistic rubbish that objectifies women and especially pahaadi women.” In response to the Twitter thread on Thursday, the National Commission for Women tweeted that they had written to Delhi’s police chief to take “strict action” on the matter.

“@NCWIndia has found out. Chairman @sharmarekha has written to @CPDelhi to register FIR and take strict action on the issue. NCW has also written to Secy, Ministry of Electronics & IT to take appropriate action against the YouTube channel for infringement of the dignity of women “, was the NCW’s tweet.

Bhuvan became famous as a YouTube personality with his famous channel BB ki Vines. He has also appeared in the web series TVF Bachelors, Titu Talks and Dhindora, as well as in the short film Plus Minus.


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