Brexit Protocol ‘doing to Northern Ireland what IRA couldn’t do’ Boris Johnson warned

Tensions in Northern Ireland have worsened over the terms of the protocol agreed between the UK and the EU under the Brexit Treaty. Mr Bryson would like to see the British Government take tougher action against the protocol despite protests from the European Union and Dublin. He has warned that the protocol could achieve Northern Ireland’s constitutional separation from the rest of Britain, something that the Irish Republican Army tried and failed to do during a decades-long terror campaign.

Mr Byrson told “I think it’s a shame.

“Look at all the Conservative MPs who lost their lives to the IRA, I’m thinking of Airey Neave, the Brighton bomb.

“How would these people feel to see what the Conservative government is now doing to Northern Ireland?

“What the Conservative government is doing to Northern Ireland is what the IRA could not do in 30 years of terrorism, and with its involvement through its silence and inaction from the British Parliament, it is doing so through the Northern Ireland Protocol.”

He added: “So it’s an extraordinary situation, and it’s an extremely dangerous situation.”

On Friday, DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said he was sending a “clear message” to the EU and the British government to resolve problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol.

His party, the main trade union faction in Northern Ireland, will block the election of a new speaker to the Stormont Assembly, which would make the delegated legislator unable to function.

The new 90 MPs met for the first time in the Stormont House on Friday after last week’s election to the Northern Ireland Assembly saw Sinn Fein appear as the largest party for the first time.

Speaking shortly before the plenary session began, Sir Jeffrey said: “I am here with my ward team today for the first meeting of the ward.

“My members will sign the list and take a seat for the first time.

“As I have clarified this morning, we have decided not to support the choice of a speaker at this stage.

“I think we need to send a very clear message to the European Union and to our government that we are serious about getting this protocol investigated.”

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