Chandigarh Will Remain Joint Capital of Punjab, Haryana: Khattar

On the day that the Punjab Assembly adopted a resolution on the immediate transfer of Chandigarh to the state, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar said that the city will remain the common capital of both states. He also praised the Union Government’s move to make key service rules applicable to union workers and accused the Punjab government of misleading people.

The Punjab assembly adopted the resolution on Friday, days after Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said central service rules would now apply to union workers, a move described as a violation of state rights by several parties. “Chandigarh will remain the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. Both states have several issues to discuss besides Chandigarh,” Khattar told reporters here.

Khattar, who is a BJP leader, said the decision was made by the center after considering the demands and interests of UT employees. The Punjab government is misleading the public on this issue, CM said when he claimed that the move would benefit employees “greatly”.

In the past, Chandigarh employees had to depend on the Punjab government for every single central government order, he added. In the past, orders for benefits or other benefits issued by the Union government in Chandigarh were implemented only after the Punjab issued a notice, but now all of these orders will be directly applicable to UT employees, CM said.

He said that Punjab has not yet given the benefit of the 7th Wage Commission to its employees while Haryana had implemented the recommendations in 2016. Employees in Chandigarh have also been deprived of these benefits so far but now after the implementation of the new rules they will get all these benefits, he said.

He said that not only Punjab and Haryana, people in Himachal Pradesh also claim their share in Chandigarh. “The Supreme Court had ruled in one of its judgments that under the Punjab Reorganization Act, Himachal Pradesh is also entitled to 7.19 percent of Chandigarh’s land. It is another matter that Himachal Pradesh has declared Shimla as its capital,” he said. Haryana and Himachal Pradesh were carved out of the Punjab more than five decades ago.

Khattar also told reporters that Gurugram will be developed into a “global city” and a meeting in this regard with leading real estate developers from across the country was held here. Based on the proposals made during the meeting, the government will plan to develop Gurugram into a “global city”, he said.


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