Conn. Authorities Probing Fatal Shooting of Black Bear

NEWTOWN, Connecticut (AP) – Wildlife authorities in Connecticut are investigating the latest fatal shooting of a black bear female that left two cubs orphaned.

The shooting occurred on Thursday in Newtown. In posts on social media, local residents have identified the bear as a familiar face in the city known as “Bobbi”. They have launched two Facebook pages in its honor.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is investigating the shooting but has not provided any details. The two cubs, who are still in the area, were monitored, the Hartford Courant reported.

Some officials want the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to take the cubs and to a wildlife rehabilitation organization.

“If they survive, which they cannot do on their own at this age, these kids will suffer this trauma for the rest of their lives,” Annie Hornish, Connecticut’s director of the Humane Society of the United States, told the newspaper.

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It is illegal to hunt or capture bears in Connecticut, although a person can kill a bear in self-defense and state law also allows the killing of a bear that is considered a threat to public health or safety. The state’s bear population is estimated at around 1,200.

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