Cooking gas gets costlier: IGL hikes PNG prices by over 16% in Delhi-NCR

Indraprastha Gas Ltd (IGL), which sells CNG and cooking gas in pipelines in Delhi-NCR, on Friday raised its domestic PNG price by a steep 16.5 percent. The company, in a statement, announced that the price in the national capital will rise with 5 / SCM, while in neighboring Noida and Ghaziabad the PNG price will be increased by 5.85 / SCM, including VAT.

PNG prices are calculated per standard cubic meter or SCM. ” 5.85 / SCM increased wef 01.04.22 to partially cover the increase in the cost of input gas. Applicable price in Gautam Budh Nagar will be 41.71 / SCM “, was a statement from IGL.

The rise comes in the midst of an increase in gas prices globally. On March 24, PNG prices were raised by 1 / SCM. IGL collects natural gas from domestic fields, together with LNG imports. LNG or liquefied natural gas in the spot market or current market reached record levels in recent months.

On Thursday, the government further raised the price of gas produced from local fields to a record $ 6.10 per million British thermal units from $ 2.9.

This has driven the costs for IGL, which necessitates price increases, industry sources told the news agency PTI.

In addition, the CNG price in the national capital was increased by 80 paise per kg due to the government raising the input prices of natural gas to record levels.

In Delhi, the CNG price is now at 60.81 per kg, raised from 60.01, according to IGL.

This is the sixth increase in CNG prices in the last month. Prices have increased by approx 4 per kg in one month and approximately 8.50 per kg this year alone.

The increase in CNG and PNG prices follows 6.40 per liter increase in petrol and diesel prices in less than two weeks and one 50 per cylinder increase in gas velocities for LPG cooking.

In Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, CNG will cost 63.38 per kg, while in Gurugram the price is 69.17 per kg.

Prices vary from city to city depending on the existence of local taxes such as VAT.

A record 137-day break in the price revision of petrol and diesel ended on 22 March. On the same day, the price of another 14.2 kg gas bottle was raised 949.50 in the national capital. In some places, the price of gas has been affected 1,000.

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