Dead Cells now has a Bank biome, and here’s how to find it

The free Break the Bank update is worth playing

There is a generous (read: free!) Dead cells biome update out this week is called Break the bankand can you believe it is 28th update for the game? And they’s not slowing down either, as the developers of Motion Twin and Evil Empire plan to release more DLC and updates for “at least another year.” No one steps off this wild journey!

Before you dive in, you may want to skim note notes to see what’s new.

There are new weapons like Gold diggeras “gives gold on hits plus critical hits if you are filthy rich”, and some shiny enemies, as Golden kamikaze (aka the exploding bats). There are mutations too – one of them, Gold plating, causes you to lose gold instead of health when you are injured. And there are balance changes, including one Rework of vampirism which “now sacrifices a percentage of your maximum health to get livigel on your melee attacks (the effect doubles for heavy weapons) and a speed increase for 10 seconds.”

Or maybe you just want to invest in the new Bank biome. How to find it.

If you’ve reached the king’s hand before, look for this coffin in the bio-transition areas

This coffin is your ticket to the bank’s biome.

In theory, the bank should be easier to find than some of the other paths in Dead cellsprovided you know what you’re looking for: a coffin. This coffin. According to the developers, it may reappear randomly in the “transition area between biomes (but not before a manager)”, and if you ignore the Bank’s cash register, it will not reappear in your current run.

On the bright side, the Bank coffin is “guaranteed to show up once” per run, provided you have come into the hand of the king or queen at least once in Dead cells – that is the prerequisite. In other words, you do not have to curse your bad RNG. It will appear.

Outraged pickpockets in dead cells
Agitated pickpockets are one of the new enemy types in the Break the Bank update.

There’s another interesting wrinkle: the bank is replacing (what would become) the next biome on your current path, and it’s actually affecting which enemies will emerge as the new zone borrows from other locations, in addition to having brand new enemies like pickpockets. .

As the developers put it, if you walk into the bank “at the transition after Prisoner’s Quarters, you will encounter mobs from Toxic Sewers, the Promenade of the Condemned, and the dilapidated Arboretum.” This is just an example; The bank box may appear elsewhere.

The bank itself is quite straightforward

It’s not as confusing as Spelunkys mysterious City of Gold, but the bank is handsome in its own right. I like that it’s not too tricky to explore. Once inside the biome, a cashier will give you a red passport (which goes to a red door that is just a quick lift ride away), and you can take out a bunch of gold loans if you feel spicy – but you will have to pay them back.

The elevator branches out to other floors (with other color-coded doors that need a corresponding key), so it’s easy to fully explore your surroundings without getting lost.

The bank elevator in dead cells
You can return to the elevator to open new areas of the bank using color-coded keys.

When you look around the bank, you may come across a series of chains that are being phased in and out – try not to touch them! Like, really Try. They hurt! This is a complete platform obstacle course, and it goes much further than I expected, so I recommend that you take the time. If you slide up, you will return to the beginning. Think about your health bar.

These chains are a platform challenge
Do not get in touch with these chains as they will be phased in and out, otherwise you will have to pay.

There is a scary new achievement as well

When I reached the end of the bank, I paid my debt to get through the last door and leave the area, but there is another way. You can break through it, and as it turns out, there is a scary one accomplishment related to this which is called “Up to the eyeball in debt”, which requires hitting the game “with the maximum debt left.” Wait what?

According to Dead cells players on Reddit which is much more skilled than I will ever be, you can take out a loan “ten times for a maximum of 20,000 gold”, then break the golden door at the end of the Bank Cinema, suffer a 100-enemy curse and end your run.

I, uh, will not do it – but good luck to you others!

Dead cells has been collecting content for several years now, and I’m glad to see that things are going so well for players (who keep coming back) and creators (who are still getting sales). The Break the Bank update is out on PC and consoles, so dive in again when you get the chance.

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