Deputy Premier calls for pre-poll decision on flood grant funding

Queensland’s Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles has called on Morrison’s government to decide before the election whether it will fund 50 percent of flood relief assistance.

The state government has so far paid more than $ 5.7 million to 437 small businesses, $ 838,000 to primary producers, $ 135,000 to 13 NGOs and $ 16.6 million to 89,000 people after the destruction of their homes and businesses in the floods in southeast Queensland.

Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles expects the federal government to help Queensland flood victims, but wants it to hurry up and say so.Credit:Getty

But amid speculation that the federal election will be called either this weekend or next, Miles’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for deciding on the recovery package before flood victims get caught up in caretaker regulations.

He said it had been two weeks since Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk wrote to Morrison, but “unfortunately we still have no answer”.

“I just urge the Prime Minister to think about the households that are already starting to rebuild, and they are rebuilding without knowing if they will get help from the government to rebuild better, if they will be able to rebuild, rebuild or sell their home if they are repeatedly flooded, ”he said.

“They should not have to wait – there is much speculation that the government may go to the polls this weekend or next weekend.

“We do not want these assistance grants to be included in the caretaker regulations. We want it to be really clear when they are available to people and how they can apply, so we really urge the Morrison Government to make that decision before announcing an election. “

Asked if the state would continue to pay if the federal government decided not to fund 50 percent, Miles said he believed the Commonwealth would help, despite the delay.

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