Did The Farmers Insurance Commercials Really Happen?

Did the Farmers Insurance Commercials really happen?

Carly Kraft with Farmers Insurance told our Verify team that all their commercials are based on real claims. Some of the commercials are exaggerated for comedic effect. Kraft said the crazy claims go through a raffle system and the most outlandish claim gets turned into a commercial.

Did you see the crazy guy in his early 30’s pulling off a car on a bicycle in Santa Clarita, CA? The accident happened near the scene of a car accident where two women had been killed a few months before. The filming was done in a nearby parking lot of a house used for soundstage shoots. One of the two women killed in the car accident was the car seat model they were recreating.

Reporter Andrew Holden with CBSLA spent a morning with Michael Willey, owner of Willey Auto Solutions and the man behind the experimental modifications to the car he was driving.

Farmers Insurance commercials

Kraft said you can expect the Farmers Insurance commercials to start airing in late April. The commercials will last four to five weeks and there will be between eight to 10 commercials.

When it comes to Farmers Insurance, Kraft says customers have a lot of choices. But most people just stick with their basic policy because they don’t have the room to shop around.

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Some of the commercials are exaggerated for comedic effect

“I have to say that some of the claims that get generated for farmers that are portrayed on the commercials are absolutely true,” Kraft said.

Though she acknowledged that some people have their heads in the sand and don’t believe what they see on TV.

“When you come into contact with an insurance company, make sure you are asking questions and know exactly what you are getting into,” Kraft said.

If you are interested in finding out more about what you’re getting into, click here.


Here’s a sample of some of the crazy claims from the claims raffle, according to Farmers Insurance:

Fire at the farmer’s home

“A man and woman in San Diego were outside their home when their trailer caught fire. Despite the fire department’s efforts, the couple’s home was lost. The claim was closed when the insurance company verified they never lived in that trailer and no one was injured in the fire.

A number of North Texas homes were destroyed when a tornado touched down in Frisco. According to the Farmers Insurance insurance claims, several insurance companies handled claims for the Frisco home, but none of them submitted a similar claim. Farmers said the claims were canceled because the Frisco homeowner made a claim in another state.

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