Driving from Singapore to JB: Hassle-free and no vaccination checks, but Touch ‘n Go cards sold out

Still standing along this road was Hiap Joo Bakery, a hundred-year-old plant known for its banana cake. The bakery’s owner, Mr Lim, told CNA: “I am very happy (that the borders are reopening).

“We count a lot on our customers in Singapore and they make up at least 50 percent of our business. So during these two years, the impact on the business has been pretty bad.”

To prepare for the first day of border reopening, the bakery prepared 20 to 30 percent more buns and cakes than usual, he said, when a steady stream of customers entered the store.


Those who want to exchange their Singapore dollars for Malaysian ringgit should go beyond JB Sentral – those there were closed – and head to gas stations visited by many Singaporeans near the checkpoint.

One of the exchanges there was open and bought Singapore dollars at the exchange rate of 3.07.

Nearby, Singaporean Muhammad Shah Rizal, 34, was waiting for his car to be washed. He had gone over to get acquainted with the immigration process after being away for so long.

“I came on the first day of the reopening because I notice that I miss Malaysia. When I came in I almost cried, because it has been a while,” said the head of security, adding that he would visit Paradigm Mall to shop.


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