Endorsement: Robert Garcia for Congress

The upcoming retirement of several U.S. House members from California has made this a year of generational change for Washington state representation. This is especially true in the new 42nd Congress District, which combines areas of southeastern Los Angeles County and Long Beach that have been represented by Democratic representatives for many years. Alan Lowenthal and Lucille Roybal-Allard. Their retirement has created a lively competition among eight candidates in the primary election on June 7, two of whom have particularly impressive records.

Congregation member Cristina Garcia, a Democrat from Bell Gardens, won a decade ago by fighting corruption and machine policy. She has taken on difficult battles in the Legislative Assembly and is trying to improve the environment in her industrial-heavy district and address financial burden of menstrual products for girls and women on low incomes – a taboo subject when she first started talking about it in the halls of power. As the leader of the women’s meeting, she has worked to choose more women to the male-dominated legislator.

Robert Garcia, the Democratic mayor of Long Beach, has also proven to be a pioneer in his eight years in office. At the age of 36, he became the city youngest and first openly gay Mayor. He has worked with the Biden administration to protective children crossing the US-Mexico border without their parents at the Long Beach Convention Center and helping to establish a “guaranteed income” pilot program gives $ 500 a month to single mothers earning less than $ 20,000 a year. His leadership during the covid-19 pandemic is remarkable. After lose his mother and stepfather to the disease, he led an aggressive vaccination campaign that was praised as a model for the state.

Both Garcias (no relation) support liberal policies and are prepared to be effective representatives in Washington, but we believe that Robert Garcia is the better choice. He mixes hard-charging progressive values ​​with an inspiring expression of optimism.

He is also refreshingly pragmatic. On issues such as suffrage and immigration reform, Robert Garcia said it would be better for Democrats to negotiate with Republicans and get 80% of what they want than for the country to do nothing because Democrats can not get everything they want. He wants Congress to work with state and local governments to implement solutions – such as Long Beach migrant protection – that do not require a new federal law to be passed.

Robert Garcia came to the United States at the age of 5 from Peru and said he was granted citizenship under President Reagan’s amnesty law. It made his family love Reagan, he said, so they all signed up to vote Republican. But over time, Garcia said he realized his values ​​were more in line with Democrats’ and changed party.

But there is one area where he wants Democrats to learn from Republicans – to take back the mantle of patriotism by embracing it as a value rooted in helping people instead of one based on defending individualism.

“For our party to be successful in the future, we must take back what it means to love your country,” he said in an interview with the editorial staff. “To love your country means to love the people of your country. That’s why I run.”

It was a simple but touching expression, the kind of thing that shows that Robert Garcia is not only campaigning for Congress but also to help lead the Democratic Party.

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