From Xiaomi to Oppo: How Tech Companies Pulled April Fools’ Pranks

April Fools’ Day is often celebrated among friends and loved ones for a little laughter and fun. But for some time now, technology companies and startups have started a trend of fooling people with some harmless practical jokes. Some of the technology giants’ jokes and puns have often been considered genuine announcements in the first instance. However, it is easy to see that they are simply fooling people – not to intentionally discourage them but to add a bit of humor to their lives – once you look at the calendar.

Thankfully, the latest April Fool’s jokes come from companies after two years of testing, due to the coronavirus pandemic that resulted in tech giants including Google suspending April Fool’s jokes.

Here’s a look at how companies like Xiaomi, Nothing and more made April Fools jokes this year.

Xiaomi teased to launch a new tablet

Earlier this week, Xiaomi began to tease the launch of its new product that many considered the new Xiaomi Pad models. But instead of confirming any such details, the Chinese company announced the launch of very different “tablets”.

Xiaomi says they have launched the new “Mint Tablets” to increase confidence in Mi fans. The company has even released a video campaign where it shows the box with tablets that – if you were wondering – will not be sold in reality.

Oppo presents new device

It is not only Xiaomi but also its home-grown competitor Oppo that has taken the April Fool’s joke this time and shown off a small device called Oppo Gotcha.

Oppo Gotcha is said to have a screen with a refresh rate of 1,422 Hz. It also comes with dual stereo speakers that can be expanded to up to 11 and has a “very clicking button”, the company says in its teaser. Still, it’s nothing more than an April Fool’s joke.

Nothing is another (1) Phone

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei’s Nothing has also joined this year’s April Fool’s joke by teasing a phone called Another (1). The company is expected to launch its actual smartphone, Nothing Phone 1, in the summer of this year.

Nothing essentially tries to take an dig at smartphone companies that launch new phones regularly. It has claimed to break the monotony of the smartphone market by including its new offering this year.

Zomato lets users joke friends with fake orders

Unlike Xiaomi, Oppo and Nothing, Zomato makes no false promises about any new products. However, the food delivery unit is said to be so running a service on their app to let users fool their friends by sharing a fake delivery message.

The message contains a link that pretends to let the recipient track their orders. But it takes you to a screen that says “You’ve been fooled!” It should be noted that Gadgets 360 could not verify this feature in the app.

Since April 1st has just begun in some parts of the world, especially in the United States, we can expect a few more pranks from global technology companies to emerge in the coming hours. You should not take them seriously and just appreciate and laugh at the joke hidden within them.


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