Game Infarcer: Game Journalist Busted For Watching YouTube Gaming Tutorial

Insiders at r / GamingLeaksAndRumors has leaked a set of shocking new screenshots that reveal a game journalist’s viewing history on YouTube – and the results are alarming. In addition to videos such as “Easy Authentic Ramen at Home” and “How to Tie a Tie for Beginners”, Redditors has discovered a game guide entitled “Kirby Forgotten Land – First Boss Guide.” Understandably insulted, commentators flooded social media and shared one petition demanding that the journalist be dismissed immediately.

“Imagine getting paid to play video games, and you’re still sucking on them,” reads a post from user BayonettasHusband0, while another frustrated commentator changes the subject, saying, “Nintendo is so lazy. It’s literally just a copy. “Paste Mario 64 with a new character. You should even be ashamed to play this game.”

In response to the waves of backlash, the journalist’s latest Twitter post appeals: “Please leave me alone. My 9-year-old son used my iPad.” Dissatisfied with the professional’s obvious attempt to save his job, a user with one Hatsune Miku the profile picture says: “Typical gaming journalists and their stupid Apple devices. Probably bought it for the money he got from Pokémon Legends with 8.75.” In this context, the journalist’s review of Pokémon Legends: Arceus is slightly higher than average, as the game’s current Metacritical score is a pitiful 82.

Game Infarcer The staff has contacted the journalist for further verification in the hope that he can prove that his son actually used his iPad. No matter what truths we may reveal, the facts really paint a bleak picture.

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