Game Infarcer: Horizon Forbidden West Nominated For Game Of The Week Award

In an effort to strengthen its award ceremony, host Geoff Keighley has announced a new bold category for the 2022 Game Awards: The Game of the Week award.

“This prestigious award recognizes exceptional titles that pushed the boundaries of game design and captured players’ collective attention and imagination for up to seven days,” explains Keighley.

Guerilla Games Horizon Forbidden West made the first nomination. The well-received follow-up to Aloy’s Adventures 2017 took the gaming world by storm until it suddenly did not, thanks to the fact that Elden Ring – a game that critics praised as the best game in the history of eternity – stole its thunder (jaw) a week later.

Despite being a seemingly logical nomination and the fact that the awards are months away, it has not stopped journalists and influencers from weighing whether Horizon deserves the award or not and speculating on other titles that could be up against it.

“I think it’s worthy,” said critic Josh Pardue. “I really enjoyed wandering around the amazing landscape of Forbidden West on top of my robot horse thing until the Fire Ring came out. Now I’m just thinking about From Software’s magnum opus. I still like Horizon, but now I can not help but wonder why my “Robot horse can not double jump either. Shouldn’t it have rocket hooves or something?”

“Ehm, no one saves the world, anyone?” tweeted Twitch streamers ChristiePlayz. “That game rocked and did not even end up in the spotlight for an hour before it was completely buried by the Xbox’s multibillion-dollar purchase by a troubled publisher. No one should win this award.”

Meanwhile, from Software Brain, Hidetaka Miyazaki cryptically congratulated Guerilla Games on Twitter by tweeting a flashing emoji with a photo of itself posing with a suspicious GOTY-shaped gift-wrapped item.

This week’s game is not the only hasty nomination that Guerilla can boast about. The company as a whole is also the first studio to be nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award for helping launch two of the greatest games of all time: The Fire Ring and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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