Game Infarcer: Zendaya Returns In Fortnite X Euphoria Crossover

Announced today via a press release, Epic Games is collaborating with HBO Max to market a number of the streaming service’s exclusive offerings – the first is the fictional high school drama that is taking the internet by storm. The official Fortnite X Euphoria The crossover event promises to introduce several exciting features to Battle Royale, including unlockable emotes, weapon wraps and of course exclusive battle pass skins. Zendaya resumes her role as teenager Rue Bennett and returns to the Fortnite store just months after her debut as MJ last year Spider-Man: No Way Home event.

The selected shell can be purchased for 2,800 V-Bucks, the game’s premium currency, and has Roue’s iconic unadorned look. By completing in-game challenges, players can upgrade the avatar with the protagonist’s reddish-brown hoodie that has not been washed since the program’s first season. Finally, you can complement your look with Bennett’s Back Bling, a torn backpack that will surely be confiscated by Principal Hayes.

“We really wanted to bring the world of Euphoria to life in our game,” says creative director Donald Mustard. Speaking of new map locations Moonlight Rollerway and East Highland High School, Mustard continues, “Our first priority was to make these places feel authentic to fans of the show. Not only are the halls in the East Highland crawling by hostile bully NPCs, but we wanted to also make these teenagers not look like real teenagers. No, they are fully mature, aging adults. This is Euphoria, after all. ”

While fans around the world are still debating whether the show’s depiction of American education is true to life, one thing’s for sure: you do not want to be late for the lesson when the Fortnite X Euphoria crossover event launches later next week!

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