Google Tweaks Search, News to Help Identify Reliable Sources

Google updates Search and News to handle the spread of inaccurate information. Last year, it adjusted Search to notify users of rapidly evolving stories and added one About this result section. This feature is currently available in over 20 languages. Now, in English searches in the United States, these messages will also provide users with information on how to evaluate online news results. The search giants have also shared tips for users to reliably use online fact checking tools.

Google shared information about the updates through an official blog posts. It is rolling out new features in order to give its users tips on how to evaluate information online. In it Most read articles section of the News app, Google adds a new label that highlights frequently quoted stories, which can provide relevant information about news reports. You will be able to notice this new label on investigative articles, interviews, announcements, press releases or local news articles that can provide extra context to stories published by the media. This feature will soon be launched on mobile in English for the US and will be launched globally in the coming weeks.

Google has already added About this result the option to search. You can now use this feature to learn more about the site that published the story. To do this, press the three-point menu on any search result and then select More about this page alternative. Here you can learn more about this source, see what other users have said about a site and find additional coverage on the topic you are looking for, as top news to find other relevant stories. These features will soon be released globally for all English language searches.

If you want to explore your news source further, you can use Google Fact Check Explorer tool.


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