Harris on why Nicky Shorey is the right pick for Gillingham

Gillingham will be able to get into all levels of the game after Nicky Shorey is appointed as their new recruiting manager.

Manager Neil Harris has already worked with Shorey during his days in Millwall and knows what he will get from the former English footballer.

Nicky Shorey up against Gills during his time in Bristol City Photo: Barry Goodwin

Shorey has played in all four divisions of the English Football League and earned a couple of internationals for his country on the road. Harris feels he’s ideal for starting to pick his way through the thousands of football players who will be available over the summer.

It will be a rebuilding job for Harris over the summer, with many of his current players on outgoing contracts, and now he has a man who can help him through it.

“He’s a fantastic appointment at the football club,” said Harris, who previously described the club’s recruitment as devastating.

“I think in the modern game, in the football industry, to have someone who knows all levels of football, and we’re talking about younger players coming out of Premier League teams and players without contracts in League 1, 2 and Championship level, you have to know the non-league scene and you really have to know football for 23. Nicky knows all the players at all levels in football and will be of great help to us, a summer when we have so many players without a contract.

“Recruitment will be a big part of the next five months of our lives. Nicky is a footballer, he is reliable, he is honest, he works hard and he has a lot of contacts at all football levels to help us recruit the right characters. and the qualities of players we need. ”

Harris has been hampered at Gills with so many players picking up muscle injuries. The club was not helped by a disrupted pre-season campaign due to Covid but the manager feels they can get better value for money with careful planning when it comes to recruitment.

“The search for players began before I took the job,” Harris said. “I had seen matches and Nicky’s extensive knowledge helps with that and although we have our full focus at the moment on staying in the division and fighting to take results every match, there must be an element from me and my staff and chairman, now more so the recruitment department, to look towards the summer rebuilding. ”

Shorey’s appointment was key for Harris in his long-term vision for the club. In previous roles at Millwall and Cardiff City, he also made changes to the recruitment process.

The new man took the opportunity he was looking for and said: “I know his character, he worked for a period at Millwall when I was manager there, even though I did not work with him every day I am familiar with how he works and I trust “on his eye for a player and his football knowledge. We want to recruit not only the right characters on the pitch but also off it.”


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