Aging Mechanism in Brain: Results of a Study

“We’re trying to understand normal memory and why a part of the brain called the hippocampus (located deep in the brain’s temporal lobe) is so critical for normal memory. But also with many memory disorders, something is going wrong with this area,” says senior author James Knierim, University’s Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute. It is scientifically … Read more

Medicinal Cannabis May Compensate for Cancer-related Pain

Pain, along with depression, anxiety and insomnia, are some of the most common causes of oncology patients’ disabilities and suffering when undergoing treatment therapies, and can even lead to poorer prognosis. “Traditionally, cancer-related pain is treated primarily with opioid analgesics, but most oncologists perceive opioid treatment as dangerous, so alternative therapies are required,” explained author … Read more

Monkeypox: 92 Cases Confirmed in 12 Countries

Although no deaths have been reported, about 28 cases in these countries are potential cases. Investigations are underway to confirm them, the global health authority said. “As of May 21, 92 laboratory-confirmed cases and 28 suspected cases of smallpox with ongoing investigations have been reported to the WHO from 12 non-smallpox virus endemic Member States, … Read more

Applying Maths in Fitness can Improve Your Workout

. It works for everyone, from the elite athlete who is preparing for the Olympics to the regular all-around athlete to the patient who wants to improve his physical condition. There are many tools available to help coaches and athletes plan interval training sessions, but none of them are ideal for juggling all factors: the … Read more

Do Compression Garments Help Muscle Recovery After Exercise?

Wearing a compression garment during or after exercise does not facilitate muscle recovery, according to meta-analysis evidence published in Sports medicine. Compression garments are elastic fabric fittings that people wear on their arms, legs or hips during or after physical exercise. Their use has gained popularity in recent decades because they are believed to improve … Read more

Monkeypox may Provoke Travel Restrictions Heres Why

In 2013, the emergency committee declined to declare an emergency after MERS was reported in dozens of countries, primarily because most cases were confined to hospitals. But monkeypox is a disease with an especially high mortality rate, so the committee will certainly consider the possibility that it is spreading undetected. The WHO has convened its … Read more

Children and Playing: a Must-have Duo for Mental Health

A study led by the University of Exeter asked parents how often their children engaged in play that was “exciting and thrilling”, where they could experience some fear and insecurity. The study comes at a time when today’s children have fewer opportunities for adventurous play out of sight of adults, such as climbing trees, cycling, … Read more

International Tea Day: 5 Destinations to Celebrate This Day

Tea is a global phenomenon and every country, from Argentina to Malaysia, has its own way of drinking it. Discover the exciting destinations behind the drinks, from the rich tasty tea leaves in Darjeeling to the lively mint leaves in Morocco. Darjeeling, India The West Bengal district of Darjeeling is known for its abundance of … Read more

Journalists Explore Affordability of Mental Health Care, Abortion Laws’ Effect on Miscarriages

21 May 2022 KHN correspondent Aneri Pattani discussed why it is so difficult to find affordable mental health care on NPR’s “A1” on 18 May. Freelancer Charlotte Huff discussed how Texas abortion laws complicate miscarriage treatment at the “Texas Standard” on May 16. KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism … Read more