Free Hosting Advantage Vs Disadvantage

Free Hosting Advantage Vs Disadvantage

The advantages of free hosting:

*It is free To Use All

*No maintenance Charge

*Ready for Launch Your Site And immediate use (eg.

The disadvantages of free hosting:

*Usually You Can Create Domain As Subdomain ( Ex: )

*Slow Website loading

*Poor customer support (Sometimes No Response )

*More restrictions To Use As U Want ( No Customize )

*Fewer resources (disk space, monthly traffic, the number of databases(Maximum Allowed 3 dataBase On Some Free Hosting Sites)

*No Free SSL Certificate

*They Provide Very frequent ads and sometimes pop-up windows On Your Site.

*You Can’t access to .htaccess file, therefore you can not redirect a single page

*No custom error pages

*Very often you can not make your own template page layout, then export your layout or your template
to use it on another hosting if you want to decide to change

*More downtimes ( Sometimes Your Website Getting Error Page Due To Server Lock )

*Can’t Monetize Your Website

*Promote Their Branding Using Your Site

*Ads Promoting On Your Site

*Send Their Email Marketing

*Get Your Site Data Collection And Selling

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