How to add a stylish sitemap for bloggers?

Wondering How to Add a Stylish Sitemap for Blogger? You should make a stylish sitemap for bloggers which can help your website look more beautiful and attractive. For creating a stylish sitemap for bloggers you need to have creativity and knowledge. If you want to learn how to add a stylish sitemap for bloggers, just follow the topic below.

what is a sitemap?

A sitemap is essentially a map of links that allows visitors to quickly find the exact article they are looking for. It’s a navigation tool that helps readers navigate through your blog and find the information they need. Similar to the way an index works in a book or how an atlas works on Google Maps, the sitemap is an important piece of blogging infrastructure that improves your site’s usability.

What is an HTML sitemap?

HTML Sitemap is a special page that contains links to all other pages on your website. This page is very important because it allows search engine spiders to know the internal structure of your pages. Because of this, it’s necessary to create one if you want your website to rank higher in search engines.

The HTML sitemap file should be placed in the root directory (i.e. ) of your website. It can be named as sitemap or anything else as long as the file extension (.xml) is .html.

It’s best to create HTML sitemaps using a software program instead of manually creating them using notepad or any other text editor. This is because most software programs will help you generate the XML code correctly without missing any pages that are linked on your site.

Search Engines like Google and Bing use these Sitemaps to crawl and index URLs from a single page rather than going through every page on your website individually. This makes it easier for them to index every page on your website, giving you more control over which pages are being indexed for specific keywords.

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Benefits Of HTML Sitemap

There are several benefits of an HTML sitemap. The first one is that they become an important search engine optimization tool. If you want to see your blog optimized from the search engines, sitemaps are one of the most important things you will need. You may feel that your blog is optimized well enough, but sitemaps can be used for further optimization. This is because search engines make use of them to crawl your website and index it.

The other reason why you should consider using sitemaps is that they can make navigation easier for your readers and visitors. They provide an easy way for people to find what they want on your website without having to go through a lot of trouble.

Sitemaps can also be used to communicate with the various web spiders around the world who are constantly trying to crawl through every piece of information on the internet. These crawlers don’t know where to look for all the different links and pages in your website so they rely heavily on sitemaps when crawling through your site.

How To Add Stylish HTML Sitemap To Blogger?

To add a stylish sitemap to your Blogger website you need to add an HTML code and create a page named sitemap.

Step-1; Go to your Blogger Dashboard and open the Page section

Step-2: Create a new page and switch the Editor to HTML view

Step-3: Now copy the below code and paste it

Step-4: Now Set the Title as Sitemap and publish the page

Now you have successfully created your stylish HTML sitemap on the Blogger website.

Sitemap 1


Sitemap 2 

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