How to find the lowest prices on Apple’s iPhone SE

If you’re looking for an iPhone but do not want to spend a fortune, third generation iPhone SE – Apple’s cheapest current phone – is the phone for you. It has the company’s latest and most powerful iPhone processor at an affordable price.

For a phone that is even cheaper, but you may want to consider the second generation iPhone SE from 2020. Apple no longer sells this device itself, but other vendors will sell you one for a bargain price.

In this article, we collect the best deals and discounts currently available on each iPhone SE model for April 2022, as well as cheap package deals that are worth considering. We cover both SIM-free and contract offers, and identify which retailers have the phones in stock and which offer the best price. If you want to get an iPhone SE, read on for the best deals.

How much does iPhone SE cost?

Apple’s most affordable iPhone starts at £ 419 / $ 429. (You can get it for less if you replace an older qualified phone.) The 2022 model is currently available in three configurations:

  • iPhone SE (2022, 64GB): £ 419 / $ 429
  • iPhone SE (2022, 128GB): £ 469 / $ 479
  • iPhone SE (2022, 256 GB): £ 569 / $ 579

This is a small price increase compared to the previous model. 2020 iPhone SE is no longer available from Apple itself, but had the following RRP at launch:

  • iPhone SE (2020, 64GB): £ 399 / $ 399 / AUD $ 679
  • iPhone SE (2020, 128 GB): £ 439 / $ 449 / AUD $ 759

We recommend that if you buy iPhone SE you avoid the 64GB model, read why here: Why not buy 64GB iPhone SE.

Where to buy iPhone SE (2022) SIM-free

Apple sells the new iPhone SE from £ 419 / $ 429 – you can buy it from Apple right now.

It is also available from other retailers, which in time will start offering discounts on Apple’s RRP. But this new phone is both brand new and relatively inexpensive (at least by Apple standards) so it’s unlikely you’ll see any astonishing savings yet. The best option right now is KRCSwhich has the new SE for £ 414.81, a small discount of £ 4.19 on RRP.

You can check the best and latest offers in our automatic price table below.

Reseller Award Delivery

Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

Many retailers have the new iPhone. Just make sure you get the third generation or 2022 version of the iPhone SE: many will continue to have the second generation model from 2020, which has the older A13 processor and does not have 5G.

Where to buy iPhone SE (2022) on contract

Try the following resellers and carriers for the best iPhone SE contract deals.

As mentioned above, make sure you get the 2022 model with the A15 processor and 5G. It’s also worth considering if you need the agreement with 5G support – you need both hardware and contracts to support the technology, and it can cost extra. If you are unsure, ask a member of the sales support staff.

iPhone SE (2020) offers

The iPhone SE model from 2020 is no longer sold by Apple itself, but there are good offers available from other suppliers.

Where to buy iPhone SE (2020) SIM-free

You can see the lowest prices from third-party retailers in the automatic pricing table below.

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Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide

You can also buy iPhone SE SIM-free from a number of other retailers:

Where to buy iPhone SE (2020) on contract

You can download the new iPhone SE from a number of different networks:

We have also compared the original iPhone SE with the iPhone SE 2 if you want to know what kind of upgrades and differences you can expect.

Exchange discounts

Don’t forget that you can save when you replace your old qualified phone with Apple or other resellers participating in a replacement program.

Apple is offering up to £ 130 / US $ 140 off the iPhone SE when you replace your old iPhone. You must select the replacement option during the purchase and answer some questions about your existing phone model, storage capacity and condition. You must also enter your IMEI number. Read about Apple’s exchange program.

You can get even more money if you swap via Curry’s PC World, which has offered up to a £ 240 discount on previous iPhone SE models when you swap out an older iPhone. Go to Currys to see how much your device is worth.

However, the biggest discount comes from Amazon, which offers up to £ 400 off in exchange value. See how Amazon’s exchange process works.

Apple retailer KRCS also offers one the exchange system.

Renovated offers

You can save on iPhone SE by choosing a refurbished model. This is an excellent alternative for the second generation model from 2020.

Even if you buy a device that has been used, buying refurbished is not the same as just buying used – the biggest difference is that the product has been repaired and thoroughly tested to ensure that it works just like new. Refurbished units often come with additional warranty arrangements for peace of mind should you encounter post-purchase problems.

MusicMagpie is a good source for buying refurbished deals, even though prices are currently higher than Amazon’s. You lower the rate if you choose to exchange your old device or old tech for cashback.

Look for Apple Certified Refurbished products when shopping refurbished. These have been repaired, with parts replaced as needed and thoroughly tested (and cleaned) to meet Apple’s standard. You can find Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones from Apple Refurbished Store.

Wondering if there is a more affordable alternative than SE? We answer the question What is the cheapest iPhone? in a separate article. In the meantime, our iPhone Buying Guide provides in-depth advice for those who want to buy or upgrade.


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