‘I’ll be happy if Umran breaks my record, enters 100mph club. But needs to ensure that…’: Akhtar’s advice for SRH star

The current harvest of Indian fastball players is full of world-class talent. A bunch of young people have made waves with their sparkling show but Umran Malik is a snap over his countrymen when it comes to speed. The 22-year-old from Jammu may have been the bargain during the ongoing IPL season as he has outsmarted the world’s best hitter with his raw pace. IPL 2022 Full coverage

The right-arm tearaway pacer, which has chosen 15 wickets so far, threw the fastest delivery at 157 km / h in the current IPL. He has blown hot and cold when it comes to taking wickets but Umran is inimitable in the tempo panel. Pundits and fans have demanded that he be included in the Australia-bound T20 World Cup squad. But will his lack of experience get in the way?

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Former Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar believes Umran will play for India as he belongs on the world stage but Sunriser’s tempo sensation must stay away from injury. Akhtar, who was the first player in history to break the 100-mile barrier, wants to see Umran join the club.

“I want to see him have a long career. A few days ago someone congratulated me because it’s been 20 years since I threw the fastest delivery but no one has been able to break the record. But I said, ‘There must be someone who can beat this the record. I will be happy if Umran breaks my record. But must make sure he is not injured in the process want to see him play a long distance without any injuries, “Akhtar told Sportskeeda.

“I want to see him on the world stage because he belongs there. At the moment, not many people can pass 150 km / h. We have seen that Umran has bowled consistently at that pace. I want Umran to reach the 100 km mph- “I will be happy if he joins the 100 mph club. But he has to stay away from injuries that could stop his career,” he added.

On Umran’s workload, Akhtar said that BCCI should step in and take care of the Indian’s unique talent.

Umran was a net player during India’s latest World T20 campaign in the United Arab Emirates. He will be on the selection committee’s radar when India play seven T20 internationals against South Africa and Ireland respectively.

“BCCI and the youth academy must take care of Umran’s workload. He must now train scientifically in an advanced way. His bowling must be measured. When you drive a car at high speed there is a chance that its tires will burst or the engine will be damaged. It must go back “During the off-season, Umran must ensure that he trains twice with his workload. This will reduce the pressure on his workload,” Akhtar explained.

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