JEE Main 2022 Aspirants Can Raise Issue of Reducing Number of Attempts With NTA: SC

The Supreme Court has allowed the main entrance examiners (JEE) to submit comments on the decision of the National Testing Agency (NTA) to reduce the number of sessions of JEE Main 2022. This year, the number of chances a student gets in the engineering exam has been reduced to two. Last year, students had to take the test four times.

When the court heard an appeal filed by an aspirant, the court said that the candidates could address their complaint by submitting representation to the relevant authorities, LiveLaw reported.

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Judges DY Chandrachud, Surya Kant and Bela Tiwari’s three bench judges stated that the court could not interfere in the authorities’ political decisions, but the petitioners can raise their concerns before the NTA.

NTA had completed JEE Main 2021 in four sessions, giving two extra chances to aspirants after the covid-19 pandemic. However, further attempts were withdrawn this year. In his action, the petitioner had requested the intervention of the Court of Justice and argued that a sudden reduction of the entrance examination session would increase the difficulties for the candidates.

It further stated that a number of petitions had been submitted to the NTA, but the degree body conducting the degree has not given any response or notice where the applicants have seen that the degree will only be completed in two sessions.

It was basically claimed that the change in the number of trials was introduced at the last minute with the question of order on March 15, while the exams are planned to be conducted in April and May. The last-minute change would disrupt the preparations of many aspirants.

The petition was filed by lawyer Sumanth Nookla on behalf of a Krishna Rana. The court rejected the petition after giving the petitioner liberty to insulted students.

The first session of JEE Main 2022 is scheduled for May 21, 24, 25, 29, and May 1, while Session 2 will be held between May 24 and 29. The registration process for the first session of JEE Main 2022 has already been completed and the admission cards will soon be issued to the aspirants.

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