John Abraham: Doctors wanted to amputate my leg after I smashed my knee during ‘Force 2’ -Exclusive! – Times of India

John Abraham is the veritable action hero in Hindi films. He has had countless action movies in his career and his muscular frame and athletic personality make him the perfect fit for these movies. In a recent conversation with ETimes, John revealed that his penchant for action and doing his own stunts once ended up in big trouble. So much so that John could have lost one of his legs. He revealed, “Some stunts are very deadly. I remember during ‘Force 2’ I crushed my knee and I had to undergo three surgeries. I had cold sores in my right leg and the doctors wanted to amputate my leg. I said, ‘No. “You can not do that ‘. But thanks to my surgeon in Bombay, Dr Rajesh Maniar; he saved my knee.”

John continued the story, adding, “This was about 7 years ago and thankfully it’s gone. I’m walking today, squatting today and being even more flexible and faster than then. I love doing action. Of course I’m taking a break. and do something different, but I love getting back into action. ” He was quick to point out that even action heroes should know where to draw the line. He said “You have to be careful. You can not have a false sense of accomplishment to prove to five people on a set that you can jump from here and there. Sometimes you get hurt and then you become a little more aware of the dangers. ”

John also remembered a story from the sets of “Dishoom” where he had to perform a dangerous stunt that hung outside a helicopter with Varun Dhawan hanging dangerously outside. He remembered: “I was so worried because I love Varun. His brother and our ‘Dishoom’ director Rohit came up to me and said, ‘John, be careful. Look out for Varun. In the stunt, I hung out of the helicopter and “The commodity was tied to my body and he was dangling outside. The chopper flew forward at full speed, it was a scary scene. But in that situation I had to take over and play the role of someone who makes sure everything goes well.”

He also mentioned that if he were to plan a bigger and better sequel for his new movie “Attack”, he would cast two specific actors from Bollywood. He said: “If I had to cast for the sequel to ‘Attack’, I would ask Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff because they are amazing at what they do. It would be exciting.” When the conversation turned to a movie that could contain all the Bollywood action stars in a single movie, John declared: “I would love to make such a movie. I would love for everyone to come together. But I think an industry where we lack is unity and it’s something you have to learn from the south. They’s cohesive, and it’s amazing. But if I could be a binding factor for everyone who comes together, and many young actors say to me, ‘John with you, we are not insecure. “We feel so happy because you are so cooperative. We know you will put us ahead of you ‘, so if that feeling of security comes from being with me, I would like to be the binding factor for all actors Forget Ocean’s Eleven, we do Ocean’s Twenty and we can all meet and have fun. ”


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