Liberal MP Katie Allen’s Tesla charges on after campaign scrape

Allen is the only Liberal MP known to drive a Tesla. Labor energy spokesman Chris Bowen is also running one.

Anthony Albanese has pledged $ 500 million – twice as much funding as the coalition has pledged – to raise the cost of electric vehicles if it wins the election.

The opposition downgraded its EV ambitions after Prime Minister Scott Morrison claimed ahead of the 2019 election that Labor’s then-target of 50 percent of new car sales being electric – a policy it has shut down – would “end the weekend”.

The $ 22.5 million Very Special Kids hospice renovation is being built with $ 7.5 million each from state and federal governments. Allen fronted the media on the spot in December together with Health Minister Greg Hunt to take the plunge.

Leaving Tesla for repairs would have to wait until after election day when she focused on defending her place in the central federal electorate Higgins, Allen said.


“I have booked it after the election. I just do not want to take a minute to drive around Higgins and make sure I get every vote. ”

She said the damage was small and described the scrap as “a small bump, it is superficial … There is no dent, I’m not even sure why I care to repair it.”

The MP said that the treacherous independent Monique Ryan – who is running against the treasurer Josh Frydenberg in Kooyong – had a similarly wrapped Tesla car on the road.

“Ryan’s S-Series Tesla – or we do not know if it’s Simon Holmes a Court’s – shouted into our parking lot,” she said.

“It was a white-haired man who drove it. It was a large S-Tesla and it had a kind of teal cover with its face.”

The Tesla Model S sells for more than $ 100,000, while the Allen’s Tesla 3 is considered a beginner model and sells for about $ 64,000.

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