Lock Upp day 33 written updates: Karan Kundrra slams Mandana Karimi for using ‘woman card’, yells ‘do not teach me’

Mandana Karimi was seen going out on the prison guard Karan Kundrra in Friday’s episode of Lock Up and he got very angry. Mandana later returned to prison. Shortly after performing the task for the week, Karan Kundrra and Mandana got into an argument and claimed that she was subjected to violence during the task and was pushed. (Read also: Kangana pulls Karan Johar when Lock Up reaches 200m views)

Mandana started saying, “If this is a show about violence …” and Karan interrupted her to say that she was wrong and that no one was deliberately pushing her, adding that she was trying to distract him by not staying where she was supposed to be.

“Even in real life, if you start walking in the middle of the road (you expose yourself to injuries and injuries). I can not always tell you to stay in your position. I informed everyone about their positions and that should be enough . ” Mandana said she was pushed and he reminded her that one way to avoid it was to stay in her place, on the podium.

Karan then got angry and shouted at her, saying, “Do not teach me how to do my job. What do you mean? Stick to your mark, that’s all I asked you to do.” She said a woman was pushed and Karan said, “Oh, do not draw the women’s card with me. Do not play a women’s card here. Mandana Karimi, do not play a women’s card here. You’re breaking a rule, stop them (guards) and now when you have nothing to say, you’re playing the women’s card. “

Mandana said she did not want to stay at Lock Up and Karan asked her to leave. “Do not want to stay in the program? Please, go.” She said “Sure” when she left. He then said that it was 2022 and that he would not allow anyone to play women’s cards “where it is not necessary”.

When the contestants returned to prison, Mandana was not with them but Zeeshan Khan and Nisha Rawal saw her in the bathroom area later. Mandana then informed her competitors that whatever happened was in the heat of the moment and she will not step out of the program just for that. “I’m just going to wait for the queen to talk about it,” she said.

Azma Fallah questioned how Mandana could return and then claimed that she must have apologized and apologized to Karan or the production unit. She even said that Mandana has a “donkey-like face” and is a flop actress. She also added that Mandana should be beaten with slippers and thrown out of the show.


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