Lock Upp Day 34 written updates: Karan Kundrra, Mandana Karimi get into huge fight

The section begins with prisoners performing the task “Aag Ka Khel”. Mandana can not complete the task even after several attempts and gives up in the end. She asks Payal Rohatgi to take her place. However, Payal can also not complete its round.

The Orange team manages to collect a total of 7 bags in total at the end of their round.

Blue Team begins its task. Meanwhile, Mandana tries to block Anjali and is pushed by mistake. Prison guard Karan Kundrra reprimands Mandana and asks her not to intervene.

Finally, the blue team completes the round while Anjali fails to complete his round.

Mandana and prison guard Karan Kundrra get into an argument after she expressed that she did not like how he talked to her during the task. She says that a woman was pushed in front of everyone and he did nothing. Karan loses her temper and asks her not to play the women’s card in front of him at all. Mandana says she no longer wants to be a part of the show.

Karan resumes the task, saying he will not allow anyone to play the ladies’ card, adding: “This is 2022 India, madam.”

The blue team emerges as the winner and gets access to the VIP bathroom. Munawar gets an injury in the task.

Anjali says she pushed Mandana when she tried to act smart. Payal Rohatgi says that what Mandana did was wrong. Shivam expresses joy that “negativity” is out.

Nisha says that although she does not appreciate physical violence, Mandana tried to interrupt a physical task.

However, housemates are surprised when they notice that Mandana is back in prison. Mandana tells Zeeshan that she and Karan are old friends and have known each other for many years. She says that it was in the heat of the moment that she and Karan quarreled and now Kangana will make the final decision.

Azma mocks Mandana and mocks her if she asks for forgiveness from Karan. She brutally strikes at her and shouts her name.

Payal tells Shivam that she feels he is not playing for the team. Shivam says that “the Orange team is weak because Payal Rohatgi is making false accusations against his teammates”. Payal calls him “cheap”.

Payal, Nitin Kakkar and Anjali quarrel about Shivam. Payal calls Nitin a ‘ruthless person’. They both call each other ‘kommchor’.

Payal threatens Nitin to spit in his food.

Ali Merchant and Zeeshan take Payal’s side and it is not her mistake and people are turning against her unnecessarily.

Payal finally gets into an argument with Nisha and Mandana as well and says she does not want any other conversation.

Housemates perform another task – Paperbag. Payal isolates himself from the task and sits alone. The orange team loses again and is urged to sweep and clean the prison for the time being. If the prison guard is not impressed by the cleaning, it will affect the gas connection.

Payal says she wants to quit as captain of the orange team.

Payal enters the VIP bathroom and says that because the emergency toilet is locked, she has entered this bathroom. She also demands that smoking in the VIP bathroom be banned.

Mandana goes to Nisha and Azma and says she wants to hide Payal’s stuff. Azma goes to Payal and shares it with her. Payal gets angry when he hears this.

Poonam appeals to her fans to save her from this eviction and in return she will surprise them with her style. When asked what she plans to do, she says she will take off her t-shirt.

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