LPG cylinder price hike: Cooking gas becomes costlier by ₹250 from today

The prices of LPG bottles have been raised by more 250 from 1 April. The cost of a 19 kg gas bottle has risen 2,253 in Delhi on Friday. During the last two months, the price of a gas bottle of 19 kg has increased 346 / cylinder. Earlier on March 1, the speed of a 19 kg commercial cylinder was increased by 105 and since March 22, its price was reduced by 9.

But there is a relief that this price increase has not taken place in domestic gas cylinders, but commercial gas cylinders.

Following the municipal elections in five states, gas, diesel and gasoline prices are rising steadily. On March 22, the subsidized domestic LPG bottle increased by 50. Previously, after 6 October 2021, there was no change in the proportion of LPG bottles for household use.

Today (April 1), ie also the first day of the new financial year, there are domestic gas cylinders for 949.50 in Delhi, 976 in Kolkata, 949.50 in Mumbai, and 965.50 in Chennai.

A 19 kg gas bottle was available in Delhi on March 1 for 2,012, which was reduced to 2 003 on 22 March. But from today it will cost 2 253 in Delhi. While a consumer in Kolkata has to pay 2,351 for a 19-kg cylinder instead 2,087, and in Mumbai a person has to spend 2,205 from 1,955 as of today to buy a 19 kg gas bottle. At the same time instead of 2,138, a customer will need to spend 2,406 in Chennai as of today.

It is noteworthy that fuel prices continue to rise with petrol and diesel prices rising by a further 80 paise per liter each on Thursday, resulting in an increase of approx. 6.40 per liter in nine revisions in 10 days so far.

Yesterday, in a protest against the fuel price increase, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi demanded that the BJP-led center get the rising fuel prices under control.

Congressmen led by Rahul Gandhi on Thursday staged a protest against Vijay Chowk on Thursday against the increase in fuel prices. Senior party leaders Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Mallikarjun Kharge, Abhishek Singhvi, KC Venugopal, Shakti Sinh Gohil and others were present at the protest.

Congress leaders protested with cut-outs of gas cylinders and placards with the slogan “Reset fuel price increase”.

To address the BJP-led central government on inflation and fuel price increases, Congress has decided to launch a nationwide “Mehngai Mukt Bharat Abhiyan” program against price increases during which it will organize demonstrations and marches across the country from 31 March to April 7.

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