Man arrested for allegedly cheating digital lock firm’s customers of $94,000

SINGAPORE – A 22-year-old man who is alleged to be linked to fraud involving a digital lock company has been arrested.

The victims are alleged to have been tricked by the man into making payments of about $ 94,000 through PayNow transfers, police said in a statement on Friday (April 1).

Several police reports were made between Tuesday and Thursday by victims who claimed that the man collected payments from them for the installation of digital gates, fire-rated doors and the purchase of mattresses.

But the man should not have arranged the installation after receiving payment.

Police established the man’s identity and arrested him on Thursday.

Preliminary investigations showed that he should also be involved in other cases of a similar nature, the police added.

The man is charged in court on Saturday for cheating. The crime carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years and a fine.

Straits Times earlier reported that a man who had links to My Digital Lock allegedly took about $ 42,000 from his customers under the pretext of collecting deposits or balance of payments.

Items worth $ 52,000 had also disappeared from the company, said founder Ronn Ronn Teo, who made a police report on Tuesday.

At least six customers submitted police reports between Wednesday and Friday, he told ST on Friday.

Mr Teo, 32, said customers had paid the deposit or balance of payments directly to the man in cash, to his bank account or via PayNow with his mobile phone number.

The name of the PayNow account had been changed to “My Digital Lock Pte Ltd”, giving customers the impression that they were transferring money to the company.

Teo said this came after several customers called the company and went to its stores to ask about their orders last month.

“We checked, but we could not find their orders in the system. The customers were very angry,” he said, adding that the man has been uncontactable ever since.

Teo said his staff had spent two weeks calling customers and found that 30 to 40 of them had been affected. He said the company will fulfill orders if customers show evidence of a police report.

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