Matic Insurance: A Comprehensive Overview

What is Matic Insurance?

In short, Matic is a “mobile-first” insurance agency that was created by the EMEA division of Allianz. It provides consumers, originators, servicers, loan officers, insurance agents, etc. with mobile insurance quotes that are typically much faster than traditional quotes.

It was specifically created to “reduce the costs, frustrations, and confusion surrounding insurance to ensure a better customer experience.”

Matic was created to be simple, easy to use, and fast. That’s why it claims to have a less than 30-second quote feature.

Since the online service does not require a broker, Matic is already in the service of a number of brokers that offer their own insurance products. This gives Matic more flexibility in the quote process.

Who is Matic Insurance?

Matic Insurance is a digital insurance agency founded in early 2018 by two entrepreneurs, Tracey Deuber and Christina Matich. This young company is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and serves nearly 100,000 customers with its home and auto insurance products.

Deuber and Matich saw a need for an online property and casualty insurance agency in the market. This company lets consumers save time and money, as well as gives them complete control of their insurance coverage.

They came together to form Matic and turn their idea into reality. Matich serves as the Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of Matic Insurance, while Deuber serves as the chief technology officer.

What Does Matic Offer?

Matic offers a host of insurance options, from property insurance and auto insurance to umbrella, renters, personal umbrella, renters insurance, and more. They’ve made some intriguing claims.

For example, Matic reports it can offer the “lowest rates available.” They claim that, with their three-year premium guarantee, they will offer you a new premium rate for your Matic policy the following year, no matter what the competition offers. While this is something to consider, some insurers are highly competitive and match the competition’s rate, while others offer an additional premium discount.

Most notably, Matic will, for a limited time, offer you a free premium payment for a year if you just sign up with them.

The Process for Getting a Quote

The Matic mobile app is your insurance agent, verifying your personal information and talking to you to help you make a decision.

After you enter some basic information about your property, including the address, whether you currently own the property, and the property type, you can ask Matic to generate a quote for you. You can also access the Matic web interface to see your entire application history and select new property types and optional add-ons.

Once you find the type of insurance coverage that best suits your needs, you can get a quote instantly by using Matic’s online verification feature.

On the app, you can view your entire application history.

Matic also provides additional support for other financing options for borrowers, such as long-term home equity loans.


Life insurance is a critical aspect of your overall financial plan. You may be able to afford more expenses if your death benefits are worth enough. Talk to your broker or an agent to get a better understanding of your situation.

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