Save Now Pay Later startups seek to tie savers to brands

A new generation of startups is turning to the “Buy Now Pay Later” concept, or BNPL. Fintechs such as Multipl, Hubble and Tortoise use the model “Save now pay later”, or SNBL, where users save money at merchants and take advantage of the discounts that come with advance payments. All three platforms, Multipl, Hubble and … Read more

‘Index funds are low-cost, simple for retail investors to understand’

Pratik Oswal, head of passive funds at Motilal Oswal AMC, says that goal-based investment is the best form of investment. Glide Invest, the robo-advisory company he has started, proposes portfolios for passive funds and is aimed at private investors. Edited excerpts from an interview. When did you start Glide Invest? I actually worked for an … Read more

Do you have to pay tax on foreign travel expenses?

When the pandemic subsides, travel is in everyone’s mind. When foreign travel picks up in 2022, it helps to be aware of the consequences of foreign travel on income tax return and disclosure. Individuals are required to disclose any foreign travel expenses above ₹2 lakh in its income tax return (ITR). These expenses can be … Read more

3 risk-free debt instruments with over 8% inflation-beating returns in 2022

In general, whenever the stock market experiences volatility and requires time to correct underlying prices, debt instruments become popular. In a turbulent stock market, the risk of potential profitability is reduced by playing it safe by diversifying your portfolio with risk-free debt instruments. To keep inflation in the consumer price index (CPI) under control, which … Read more

This public sector bank offers electric vehicle loans starting at 7.25%

India encourages citizens to choose electric vehicles. The government aims to become a 100% electric vehicle nation by 2030, and many important initiatives have been announced accordingly. Banks have also taken measures to justify the purchase of electric cars by offering attractive loans. The largest public sector bank, the State Bank of India (SBI), encourages … Read more

Buying gold after price fall? Know how income tax rule applies

Income tax calculator: After rising to a 19-month high in March 2022, gold prices have fallen after the US dollar (USD) reached its 20-year high and the Indian National Rupee (INR) fell to its low of life. So the recent fall in gold prices has created buying interest among gold bulls both in the domestic … Read more

If You Have a Prepaid Card, Note That Its Rewards Have Decreased is changing the rewards program for its Visa prepaid cards from June 1, including by offering lower rewards rates for rewards in the cryptocurrency token Cronos, or CRO. A post on the company’s website says the changes are to “ensure long-term sustainability.” What is the Visa Card? Visa Card is a prepaid … Read more

6 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score in 30 Days

When your credit score is low, you may wish you could wave a wand to increase it. No one has overnight or super fast fixes, but you can take steps to improve your credit rating in 30 days. These six steps can result in a big step in the right direction. The three major credit … Read more

Got a salary hike? Here is how to plan your investment in order to save taxes

A pay rise during your early years will help you upgrade your lifestyle. You need to use this extra money by choosing tax-saving investments based on your risk profile. It helps one to earn inflationary returns and achieve important financial goals. If the salary increase has placed you in the taxable class, choose investments that … Read more