‘Not rocket science’: How one condominium is taking steps to fight dengue


Singapore is currently facing a “serious dengue situation”, with dengue cases continuing to increase “sharply”, the National Environment Agency (NEA) stated in a media fact sheet on Saturday.

A “high” of 1,055 dengue cases was reported this week as of Friday. And more than 8,000 cases have been reported so far this year, exceeding the total of 5,258 cases reported in 2021.

“This is worrying, as we have not even entered the traditional high season between June and October, where dengue fever (cases) tend to be a bit higher as well,” said Foreign Minister for Home Affairs and Sustainability and Environment Desmond Tan on Saturday.

In addition, 280 active dengue clusters were reported as of Friday, up from 196 clusters at the end of April, the NEA reported.

For example, one of the five largest dengue clusters around the Mount Sinai area off Holland Road revealed 305 cases of dengue fever, with 11 sites detected with multiple breeding habitats during a single inspection and a premise detected with repeated breeding during re-inspection.

“To deal with this situation, NEA as well as our social partners, grassroots leaders and organizations have intensified the vector control operations, mainly focused on increasing awareness and vigilance among our residents,” Mr Tan added.

“(It is) also to deal with breeding in different areas – residential buildings as well as common areas in places whether it is in the residential areas or even the construction sites.”

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