Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie meet Tindalls for lavish royal lunch after Philip memorial

Eugenie and Beatrice both wore the same clothes they had worn at the service, even though Beatrice had taken off her hat and carried it in her hand.

Zara had also taken off her hat but seemed to be wearing a completely different coat than the one she had worn at the service.

Mike and Zara were without their eldest daughter Mia who had attended the memorial service with them.

When lunch was over at the restaurant, the Tindall family was seen leaving in a black taxi.

Beatrice, Eugenie and Zara were among seven of the Queen and Prince Philips’ eight grandchildren who had attended the memorial service earlier that day.

Only Prince Harry was missing due to security concerns.

The Duke of Sussex remains on the other side of the dam with his wife Meghan Markle and two children

The Queen attended the service despite concerns about her health, especially her mobility.

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The Duke of York’s appearance at the memorial was controversial and was his first public appearance since deciding his American civil case.

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