Reaching the top – VP of marketing on how to make a company stand out

During the first 12 months, RPS reported less than $ 100,000 in profit. Today, it has grown to be one of the largest specialty insurance distributors in the United States, with employees in more than 80 offices across the country and more than 400 operator agreements. It is also highly respected among retail manufacturers, having been named one of them Insurance Company Americas 5-star wholesale broker and MGA for 2022.

“Our clients tell us that what makes RPS stand out from the competition is our creativity in terms of coverage solutions and the expertise of our brokers and insurers,” said Tish Fournet, RPS Head of Customer Relations. IBA. “Because RPS consists of several divisions, each offering capacity for difficult-to-place risks through different paths and markets, our employees have options when it comes to risk placement. Our employees add enthusiasm and expertise to each challenge. We take a” say no to no “attitude to submissions and we work together to come up with a solution.”

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2021 was a hectic year for the insurance market, but RPS took on the challenge, said Emily Hathcoat, RPS ‘vice president of marketing.

“It was one of the busiest years in the surplus and surplus markets in recent times – markets changed appetites, policyholders and their agents were left in search of coverage, conditions adjusted, and interest rates in most industries were still rising,” Hathcoat said. “It was a difficult year for our dealers and brokers to ensure that they had the most cost-effective protection for their customers.

“Our specialist brokers and underwriting teams across our brokerage, binding and program divisions worked tirelessly to ensure that risks were placed in the right markets, placed away and under control, so that our clients could move forward with confidence.”

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