Saisha Shinde apologizes to Kangana Ranaut after getting eliminated from Lock Upp: ‘Take me back…’

Saisha Shinde has apologized to Kangana Ranaut after being eliminated from Lock Up, and asked Kangana to allow her back on the show.

Last week, the Lock Up audience witnessed a shocking eviction. After TV actress Chetan Hansraj was eliminated from the show, fashion designer Saisha Shinde was forced to leave the program after misbehaving with host Kangana Ranaut. On Thursday, Saisha shared a series of photos of Kangana on her Instagram handle and wrote a long apology note for her. (Also read: Lock Up: Saisha Shinde reacts to contestants mixing their pronouns, says to Kaaranvir Bohra: “Think I called you her”)

She wrote, “Dear Kangana / Kangana fans, this is special for you. On the program I used to call Kangana” K “with affection. I have worked with K several times, my dresses and gowns have gone to her on several occasions for reds. with that story of professional association with her, she and Ekta were one of the main reasons why I gave the go-ahead for the show, simply because strong empowered women inspire me and make me want to be a better woman myself. This show for me has changed my life and I do not want to leave the show as I have done. “

She further admitted that her behavior with Kangana was unnecessary and how she wants to get back to the show. She said, “Disrespectful attitude is simply not acceptable and that I was who I was in Kangana was undesirable. She has always given pure advice and guidance and I really hope she finds it in her heart to accept my apology and take me back to the program I HOPE TO WIN Kangana knows the struggle to be an opinionated woman and for that I knew she would always support me because she is the voice of many who are voiceless, so for Kangana and her fans this is a heartfelt apology . “

In another part of the post she said, “But eventually I ended up respecting you… and for that I’m sorry for all I wanted was to be a version of you like you said at the beginning that the winner of the show should be a reflection of YOU.My mother has always taught me to accept when you are wrong and not feel shy to apologize .. to apologize makes you just learn from your mistakes! I hope you take me back to the program and let me show you what I really can do. “

Saisha was eliminated from the program after Kangana beat her and Kaaranvir Bohra for their rude behavior in prison. However, Saisha calmed down and said she would not apologize to Kangana. She said: “If you want me to apologize, I can not because I do not think I’m wrong. If there are competitors, there is a host …” Kangana then said that there are 50 other people who want be a contestant in the program and asked her to leave. Saisha replied, “You can bring them here then.”

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