Salmonella Infections Associated With Belgian Chocolate Factory

Sixty-two people became infected with Salmonella after consuming Kinder chocolate products made at a Ferrero factory in Arlon, Belgium.

The study was conducted jointly by FASFC, the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for Salmonella, the Belgian Agency for a Quality of Life (AViQ), and the Common Community Commission (GGC) Brussels, the Xinhua news agency quoted FASFC.

“The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control had previously reported confirmed cases of Salmonella in Europe and the UK linked to the Ferrero plant in Arlon.”

The statement added that no significant increase in the number of infections is expected.

Salmonella infections

In April, FASFC decided to withdraw the factory’s permit to continue its operations and to remind consumers to return all Kinder products manufactured at that factory.

At the end of last week, Ferrero officially submitted a new authorization request to FASFC.

If the FASFC’s assessment conclusions are positive, a provisional permit will be granted.

Source: IANS

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