Samsung Self-Repair Programme Launched in US

Samsung has launched a self-repair program in the United States. It will enable Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to repair their phones themselves through parts and guides from the South Korean technology company. Samsung claims that this is a step forward in “creating more ways for consumers to extend the life” of their products. The company is partnering with iFixit, an online repair community, for this program. It should be noted that Samsung already has a large network of same-day service in the United States as well as personal service within an hour’s drive in certain regions of the country.

According to a blog posts by Samsung, the self-repair program will initially be available for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 series of smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 +. Samsung has not given a specific date but says that the program will start “this summer”. Customers will have access to genuine device parts, repair tools and intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides. Samsung said they are collaborating with iFixit on this program.

In addition, owners of smartphones in the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 series will be able to replace display units, rear glass and charging ports. The used parts can be returned to “Samsung for responsible recycling”. The South Korean company says it plans to expand self-repair to more units in the future. Samsung already offers same-day service as well as “We Come To You Vans” personal service in the United States.

At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy A72 is in Russia reportedly get a software update with firmware version A725FXXU4BVC1. The update includes the security patch from March 2022 which is said to fix over 50 security flaws in addition to general bug fixes as well as improvements to device stability. Users in the country can search for the update by navigating to Settings> Software update> Download and install. The update is expected to be rolled out in other countries soon.


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