Select Risk Services: A fast-growing boutique agency not trying to be “everyone’s broker”

Select Risk Services was founded in 2018 and has quickly become one of the fastest growing family-owned and operated independent wholesale brokerage houses in the country. Its stellar growth led to its being named one of them IBA‘s Fast Brokerages for 2022. The Fast Brokerages list honors brokerages that have maintained a growth rate of more than 20% over the past two calendar years.

Select Risk Services is a boutique and highly specialized wholesale broker for surplus and surplus brokers. It has browned quickly due to the work ethic and expertise of the team members. The brokerage firm focuses on providing a more detail-oriented, collaborative and value-added service to its carriers and agency partners. Select Risk Services structures its broker service teams to optimize speed and accuracy to get their partners what they need, within the time frame they need.

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The core of the company’s business model is selectivity with its partners and the type of accounts the company works with. Select Risk only works on accounts where it is very specialized and has experience in investing. The company said it was selected in its strategy, rather than trying to be “everyone’s broker.” This selective approach promotes deeper, more meaningful partnerships with insurers and agents.

The agency’s team includes experts in several lines who are well equipped to write all the lines in an account in an advisory, detailed and strategic way. Select Risk gives the table exceptional coverage expertise, in-depth understanding of the business classes it maintains and a commitment to superior work performance, the company said.

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