Free 7 SEO Keyword Tools

Free 7 SEO Keyword Tools

What is SEO Keyword Research?

A keyword is a word or a short phrase that’s searched for in a search engine. To learn more about SEO keyword research, use the following definition from Backlinko:

“The process of finding a key phrase (or a set of keywords) that can be used to enhance or define your product or service on a search engine result page. Keywords are the building blocks for search engine optimization.”

Depending on your industry and product, the keywords that you choose for your website will influence search rankings. Keyword research can be broken down into two distinct methods: natural and unnatural.

Natural Keyword Research: The simple approach

This method involves gathering as much information about your target keywords as possible.

Why It Is Important

Your primary keyword should be a positive, actionable, and frequently searched-for phrase. Your potential customers searching for your keywords are more likely to click-through to your website than customers that are looking for a broad search.

Keywords serve as the key components to drive visitors to your website, increase conversions, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Google updates its search algorithms frequently, so if you aren’t constantly optimizing, your competitors can overtake you.

What You Need To Do

Once you have identified your primary keyword, you need to research each subheading to be on the safe side.

How To Do It Yourself

SEO keyword research usually starts with a keyword research tool. There are many tools available, each designed with slightly different keywords in mind.

If you need help with keyword research, there are websites where you can ask a question, read reviews and then get a free analysis. Try Linkledition. This site only lists keywords that are in the top 100, and as a result, they have an excellent inventory.

You can then spend a few hours researching a specific keyword to identify its context, competitors, popularity and other characteristics that will help you craft your message.

Some people prefer to use several tools at once, but others prefer to use one tool for all their keyword research needs. I personally use Ahrefs.

7 Free SEO Keyword Tools

Here I Listed Some Free Keyword Research Tools With Links. You Can Find Target Keywords And Related Keywords With Some Features.

1.SEO Book


3.Twin Word

4.Google Trends


6.Google Keyword Planner

7.Lsi Graph


A healthy internet marketing strategy should be based on several different factors, one of which is an effective SEO campaign. Taking the time to discover what keywords you can rank for, and finding out which strategies will work best for your business, will guarantee you high success in ranking your pages in the search engines.

SEO research plays a major role in a successful online marketing campaign. If you’d like to learn more about the best ways to research keywords, head over to

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