Shannan Gilbert: Police release 911 call from woman whose disappearance sparked serial killer investigation

A 911 call from a woman who disappeared more than a decade ago, which triggered an investigation into a possible serial killer, has been released by New York police.

Sex worker Shannan Gilbert disappeared on May 1, 2010 after calling the rescue service from her client’s home.

During a search for the 24-year-old on Long Island, the remains of 10 other people were discovered and police began to suspect that a serial killer was involved.

More than a year after he disappeared, Ms Gilbert’s remains were found about half a mile from where she was last seen, near Gilgo Beach.

Officials at the time said evidence suggested she got lost in the high reeds and drowned by mistake, and police still claimed her death was not linked to several other women whose bodies were found in the same area.

But her family had an independent autopsy performed, which they claim concluded her death was “compatible with murder.”

In the recently released recording of her 911 call, she can hear Gilbert screaming and saying, “There’s someone behind me.”

When the driver who dropped her off at the client’s home tries to trick her back into his car, she replies, “You’re a part of this all the time.”

Throughout the conversation, Ms. Gilbert sounds severely disoriented and cannot tell the transmitter where she is.

She is then heard panting and running.

Suffolk County police also released recordings of two 911 calls made by residents who saw the young woman after she ran away from the house.

The two men who were with Gilbert the night she disappeared described how she seemed to have a paranoid episode, hid behind a sofa and then ran out.

Her driver had tried to follow her but lost sight of her and eventually drove home.

Both men have cooperated with investigators and the police have said that neither of them is a suspect.

In this photo on December 8, 2011, investigators are looking for Shannan Gilbert's body in a swamp area just east of Oak Beach, NY.  After a year-long search, police on New York's Long Island said on Tuesday that they believe they have discovered the skeletal remains of a prostitute in New Jersey whose disappearance triggered an investigation into a possible serial murder party.  (AP Photo / Kevin P. Coughlin)
In this photo from 2011, investigators are looking for Shannan Gilbert’s body in a marsh area. Image: AP

In December 2010, officers found four sets of human remains wrapped in sackcloth sacks in the same area, Gilbert disappeared, identifying them all as missing sex workers.

As police continued their search, they discovered six more sets of remains, and authorities then said one was believed to be a young Asian man who appeared to have died a violent death, and another was the body of a small child.

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