S’pore man, 67, left unsatisfied by S$17,000 of sexual health products after believing online ad

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An elderly man was persuaded to leave his hard-earned money through online ads for sexual health products.

Unfortunately, the $ 17,000 of products he eventually bought over a five-month period from August last year did not alleviate his premature ejaculation problem as he had expected.

To make matters worse, the consultant who recommended him the products became uncontactable.

The 67-year-old, named Lin, spoke to Shin Min Daily News (SMDN) about his experience and said: “I hope to be able to use my experience to remind the public to think twice before buying similar drugs.”

The first batch of products had some effect

Lin said that after contacting a consultant abroad, he was introduced to medication that would probably allow him to stay for 20 minutes during sex.

Lin agreed to try and picked out 420 S $ and got a few bottles of pills.

This initial batch of products had “some effect,” Lin said, although things eventually returned to normal. The consultant, who heard this, suggested that Lin try another product.

Lin then received more bottles and some patches, which did not work and made him doubt the product.

However, he was persuaded by success stories shared by the consultant and accepted a recommendation for three more treatments.

The results after five months are still not level

But after five months of treatment, Lin found that his sexual stamina was only a minute or two longer than before, far from the promised 20 minutes.

Lin said that when he sought an explanation from the consultant, he was asked to check his kidneys and did so. The controls did not indicate kidney disease.

The consultant said they would check with a professor for advice, but became unreachable afterwards. The consultant’s WhatsApp display image also appeared to have been removed.

“I felt I had been cheated,” Lin told SMDN.

Lin sincerely acknowledged that he had started in several years and said he still has needs.

Packaging improved as treatment progressed and fees increased

After reflecting on his experience, Lin said that as his treatment progressed, the packaging of the medicine became more and more “high-class” – from the small bottles he received from the beginning to a gift package.

“I was always half-believing, half-hesitant,” Lin said.

“But I finally gave up hope when I got the medicine for a treatment regimen, and found that it said ‘treat the skin’ on the medicine bottle.”

Lin admitted that he had been “too stupid” throughout the process, and that his mind was not smooth.

Lin said: “My salary is not much, the money was originally for my old age. I’m really sorry, [I] hope to become wiser about how I approach problems in the future. “

HSA advises against buying sexual enhancement products from “dubious sources”

The Singapore Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has issued advice on sexual enhancement products from dubious sourcesand again Be safe when buying health products online.

The advice warns of “suspicious and shady sellers” who make “exaggerated claims” about their products that can actually cause serious side effects.

Instead, consumers are encouraged to talk to doctors, avoid shopping from unknown online retailers, and be wary of potentially false claims about the effectiveness of health products.

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